A Kilopascals (KPa) is a unit of measurement for pressure. A single pascal (Pa) is a unit of pressure equal to one newton per square meter. Kilo means thousand, therefore one Kilopascall equals 1,000 Pascals. You can convert an KPa value to psi(pound-force per square inch) by using a calculator or you can use an online unit conversion calculator.


Use a Calculator:


  1. Turn on your Calculator

  2. Enter in the KPa value

  3. Multiply it by 0.145037738

    Formula: psi = kPa x 0.145037738


Use and online resource to convert kpa to psi:


  1. Go to this site,


  2. Enter your KPa value in the box

  3. Press the convert button and you get your psi answer


Kilopascals (KPa) To (psi) (Pound force per square inch) Conversion