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Why do we need to convert mm to inches?

In most of the works in our daily life you may come across measurements in mm (millimeter). But you may be familiar with calculations done in inches. To avoid all the measurement related problems it is essential to know how to convert mm to inches. Many countries use mm, many countries use inches, and many others make use of both the units. It is better to know the conversion process to make calculations easy. 


Conversion process

1 inch is equal to 25.4 mm. To convert mm to inches you just need to multiply (1/25.4)=0.039370 with the mm. 

1 inch=25.4 mm

1 mm= (1/25.4) inches



An illustrative example

Question: Convert 134 mm to inches.

Answer: You just need to multiply the multiplying factor 0.039370 with the mm number. 

Inches= (134*0.039370) =5.27558

Therefore, 134 mm is equal to 5.27558 inches.

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